What measures have we at Nikolovi-Art taken to protect our customers from the spread of the pandemic?

Despite the prolongation of the state of emergency in many countries around the world, we continue to work at the same pace as before and are committed to doing our best to fulfill each order.

The safety of our customers is a priority for us. At this time it is extremely important to be responsible, reasonable and to unite our efforts in one direction – the health of all of us. In carrying out our activities, we try to comply with the regulations of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the competent authorities in the country:

  • Regular disinfection of the studio, work surfaces and equipment used daily is performed.
  • When sending an order, we must use personal protective equipment.
  • We advise the courier companies we partner with to regularly disinfect their trucks and wear masks and gloves during shipment delivery.
  • We encourage our customers to take advantage of the ability to pay for their orders online to avoid direct contact with banknotes and coins.
  • We try to deliver the products to the door safely.

We accept our task responsibly, and we make daily efforts to perform our duties in a safe manner, to the best of our ability. We hope that soon we will all return to a normal lifestyle, and until then we ask you to stay at home.

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