Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

This FAQ was last updated on Mart 20, 2021. If there will be any update, amendment, or changes to our FAQ then these will be posted on this page

Frequently asked questions

We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones. If what you are looking for is not here, please email us.

1. Art Gallery Open Hours

Our Online Art Gallery is open 24/7

2. Shipping

Do you ship to ……. ?

Yes! Everywhere! We ship Worldwide!
(On international shipments, buyers are responsible for any customs/import taxes that may apply on shipments. I am not responsible for delays due to customs.)

If your country does not come out of the delivery address list, please write to us to fix this and prepare all the necessary documents for safe transport and customs!

Shipping Cost?

Shipping & Handling rates are calculated at checkout (before you pay) based on your address and chosen shipping method.

We work with  Deutsche Post, DHL, Dpd, Hermes. According to the state, other couriers may be their partner.

Once an order has been made, We send each canvas/poster within 2 – 7 Business days for EU union, for non-EU countries the shipping time is 2-7 days – due to the nature of the documents that are needed for customs.  Please check your details before writing them. Some couriers are additionally charged if the delivery address is confused.

We always send from door to door with tracking number. Tracking number will receive by Email.

The delivery price is calculated according to the largest product.  If you take several paintings you will pay delivery only for the largest.

If the painting or print are the same size, delivery price will be only for one product or the larger product.

3. Tracking Numbers

We always provide a tracking number for the shipment. Couriers are responsible for updating their system and location.

4. Payment

We accept Direct Bank Transfer , Paypal, Revolut and Phyre.

For direct bank transfer,Revolut and Phyre – Once we receive the money transfer, we immediately send the canvas / poster to the address you provided. They always have tracking number!

5. Returns

Each customer has the right to return a canvas/poster purchased by us in 14 calendar days (it is important to return it as received) after receiving it. The money for the canvas itself will be refunded 100%. We do not just refund money for transport. If you decide to return a canvas please contact us via the contact form to tell you where to send it. Upon returning a canvas, return shipping is paid by you.
We often travel and it is possible to point to a different delivery location from the place of dispatch.
If you decide to return the canvas/poster, we only care if it is due to a transport defect. That’s why it’s important to be reviewed when you get it. They have insurance.  If there is a delivery defect, the courier company must repay it, because each canvas/poster is insured!

If you do not return the canvas because of a transport defect, but because of the size or otherwise, please pack it very carefully, so it can be safely transported to us. Make sure to insure it at the same value. Each canvas has a certificate ,that this canvas is not stolen and does not represent a cultural national value. This certificate is obligatorily given to the courier separately to be presented to the customs agency! If you need, you can contact us at any time through the contact form of the site.

All resin canvases have a 100-year guarantee that the canvas will not be damaged (This does not include dropping objects on it, attempts to crush, wet, hammer or attempt any intentional damage) If accidentally there is a problem please let us know and we will assess whether we will send you a new one with the same colors or we can restore it. The transportation will be on our expense on the canvas of resin!

6. Copyrights Art

Nikolovi-Art / Nikolovi-Kunst retains all Copyrights & Reproduction Rights of sold original artworks, custom commission paintings, and prints. Artwork’s image may not be reproduced by any process without the artist’s express written permission.

If you want to share our canvas on social networks or elsewhere it is important to have our signature Nikolovi-Art / Nikolovi-Kunst or our site / / https://www.Nikolovi.Art

7. Customer Privacy

Information you provide through the ordering process will only be used to keep you up-to-date with your order’s progress and to contact you if there are any issues first 14 days after order. After that all customer data will be deleted! Subscribers to the mailing list will only receive Nikolovi-art / Nikolovi-Kunst artwork related announcements / discount codes, and may unsubscribe at any time. If you don’t want to receive more email just write to us.

8. GDPR Data

All data made during the order is kept until the client confirms that he has received the canvas and passed the 14-day period in which he has the right to return the canvas. After the last 14 days have passed, all personal data is permanently deleted. We do not keep any data after that.

9. What's in the box / Tube

Each purchased canvas travels in a box. When you open it you will see:

Canvas,  hangers , our business card , certificate for biggest Artworks.

Your New Canvas Carefully packaged :)

Smaller poster traveled in roll tube. We can send it not folded, just write to us in advance.

10. Hangers

This is abstract art. Тherefore we do not hang the hangers. The canvas can be placed in 4 possible ways and we leave it to you. You can decide at what angle you can put the canvas and hang the hangers in this way. That’s what you decide. And place it on a wall.
We always put in the box a few hangers with their screws. If you tell us how you want to be hooked, we can also catch them on the canvas in advance. It’s easy with just one cross screwdriver. Each canvas can be hung on a wall without hangers.
Aluminum posters are ready to hang

11. Prints / Posters

What is our Wall Print?

Photo Galley Quality Print

You have a choice between:

– Poster Paper Prints

– Framed Poster

– Canvas

12. Shipping Prints / Posters

For Prints / posters , the printing and shipping time is up to 8 business days.

We send in the same way as other art.

The return time is the same as 14 calendar days. It is important to be packed carefully and in the same way.

13. Shipping time & Delivery time

What is difference between Shipping time & Delivery time?

Shipping time:

Time for us. It’s time to pack up and give the package to the courier.

Delivery time:

The time it takes for the courier company to deliver the shipment to your address.

Delivery times are displayed on our checkout page

14. Frames

Each of our posters / prints is sold without a frame unless we have officially stated that the painting or poster is sold with a frame.

Those posters that have frames, you need to choose the color of the frame and the size of the frame. To have a passe-partout or without.

When we sell a package of posters, they can have a frame or not. Keep in mind that delivery always with a frame is more expensive.

15. Promotional Codes

If you have a discount code you can use it when you decide. They have no expiration date (Unless an official expiration date is given)! They can also be combined with sales, but can’t combined with other coupons. Each discount code can be combined with active sales.


One Poster in normal price is 30 euro – You have 15% discount code . Price will be 25.5 euro , but you can use one code. If you have two or more , use bigger discount percent.


16. Provides free pick-up from our address in Berlin. Skip the wait by courier!

An original canvas will be ready to be taken the day, after the order is placed! If this canvas is in an exhibition outside Berlin, we will let you know exactly when you can pick it up in person. If this Canvas is for exhibition – the preparation time is up to 4 -5 days to get to Berlin.
For Prints / posters , (print on canvas) aluminum  the processing time is up to 7 business days.
We will send you an email when you can pick up your order and our address.
There is no change in the method of payment. We do not accept cash payment!

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