High Quality Canvas Photo Prints

For our posters / prints we use – Canvas  (100% cotton with a matte finish and satin finish.) With a thickness of 22mm. A foam structure created for high quality prints for all types of images. This canvas can express rich colors and produce excellent prints. The canvas is great for high resolution image playback.

Every poster or print is printed on Canvas is packed in a box. There are hangers for canvas in the box if you want to hang it with them. You decide whether to use them or not.

Each of our posters is sold without a frame, poster, snap frame or stopper. You get the desired size poster or print from Canvas packing in a box. You decide what or how you use it. All the photos with our prints are just for image protection. The poster or poster itself has no prints in front. We sign the poster behind to know it really comes from us. The poster is clean ahead as it should be. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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