Poster Paper Prints – Matt

For our posters / prints, we use high quality Matt photo inkjet paper for all full-color applications and graphics. Especially suitable for printing formal presentations, photo-realistic images and posters. The special coating guarantees printing with a resolution of over 5760 dpi, extremely short drying times and friction resistance immediately after printing.

Each of our posters printed on Poster Paper is wrapped and wrapped in Tube. If you wish to be otherwise shipped and not to be wound please contact us in advance so that we can calculate the delivery. The delivery price is calculated to have the Poster Paper packaged in Tube.

Each of our posters is sold without a frame, poster, snap frame or stopper. You get the desired poster size from Poster Wrapped. You decide what or how you use it. All the photos with our prints are just for image protection. The poster itself has no prints at the front. We sign the poster behind to know it really comes from us. The poster is clean ahead as it should be. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Here’s How Packing

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